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Saturday, 11 July 2015

Collectif Review

Recently I've discovered the joys of shopping online. With my own card. In this country. What is going on? *laughs* Usually I'm caught slobbering all over the computer screen at the fine specimens of dresses in Japanese stores, rather than easily-accessible items from good old Blightey - but this time my Mum recommended Collectif to me, and I fell in love with their casual yet chic 40s and 50s designs!
There was a sale on and I had found rather a lot of garments that caught my eye, and not to mention I needed some cute clothes for the start of college in September, so I thought 'why not' and took the plunge, with this piece of plastic that I had long forgotten I had. The last time I used my card was in-store, when I purchased the Heart of Thomas volume over a year ago, so I was really excited to see my parcel arrive (not to mention, it was pink!).
I ordered the Annie Bunny top, the Britney Cherry Embroidery College Jacket, and the Ethel Houndstooth Pencil dress on Sunday, and received the parcel on Wednesday. They're all gorgeous, comfortable, vintage-y, and fit me like a glove! My favourite is the houndstooth dress - which is slightly big on me as I got a size up, but no matter, it can be altered - as it reminds me of many 20th Century eras put together. For eighteen pounds, it was a steal, being so high-quality and elegant! I can tell I'm going to wear it lots, when the weather gets cooler.

Here are some coordinates I put together on Polyvore:


Also, the package came with two free goods, which I thought was brilliant considering how well-made they were!

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