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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Black Butler Chapter 78

Okay so here are my thoughts on Black Butler chapter 78:

The detail is amazing in this picture!
-The cover picture is GORGEOUS! Reminds me of Yana Toboso's earlier cover pictures in the 1st few volumes!

- I think we might be getting somewhere with the plot... I mean, Sebastian's face was so shocked at the end. Could the guy he was chasing be a demon? It was certainly too fast to be human.

-The cricket is a little boring as I'm not really a sporty person, but Yana's artwork is amazing. She's even moving on from every character being a bishounen!

- Lau turning up and bringing his scantily-clad Chinese ladies was hilarious! XD And the way he pretended not to know very much English!! *dies*
 - MY BABY IS BACK!! Ahem... I mean, Maurice Cole isn't dead. ^^ The way he suddenly disappeared after falling out with Redmond kinda scared me. I really need to make an Maurice Cole appreciation post or something. XD He's a very minor character but I like him because he's a cunning little psycho ;D.

Getting jealous are we? XD
-Ciel's getting more independant.

-Sebastian could have some competition with whoever that guy is that he's chasing. I wasn't paying enough attention as it was 12 at night when I read it! ^^;

- This page is beautiful. I love the way Sebastian can just do a back flip through the air as if he's flying or something! He's so graceful (I'm so jealous. I wish I was some unnatural demon flying thing XD).

-The dude in those Kuroshitsuji road show adverts is really handsome in my opinion. He reminds me of Malice Mizer for some reason...

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