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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Carrie by Stephen King

This book was fairly short. I think I finished it in about two days... I watched the film first and really enjoyed it, and I actually think I like it better than the book. XD Well, the special effects in the film are kinda bad to nowadays standards, but it had more emotion in my opinion.
I love this photo. The colours and lights are beautiful.

In the book it didn't take very long for Carrie to completely lose it. I mean, it told us of the many years that she's been bullied by the people in her school, and the abuse from her mother - but I think it should have included a bit more in the present day...
Whereas in the film it had a little bit extra if I can remember, and showed the detentions that the bullies got.

Carrie is a teenage girl that's bullied by almost everyone in her school. She seems pretty average. Average school-work, average looks. However she has the special powers of telekinesis!
Little by little, other people seem to notice that. Like Miss Desjardin, the PE teacher who looks out for Carrie, and Carrie's mother.

Carrie's mother is a religious fanatic. She locks Carrie up in a cupboard and beats her when she's 'bad'. Her opinion of bad is having breasts, or coming on a period by the way... She's really insane!

A prom at Carrie's school is coming up and Sue Snell, a girl who bullied Carrie, decided to make her Boyfriend (Tommy) accompany Carrie as she felt bad for what happened. I thought that was kinda sweet, but kinda odd to be honest. What would she do if they got together or something?

At the prom, all goes really well and the reader feels really happy for Carrie. Tommy and Carrie get along really well, and suddenly everyone starts being really nice to her of course. I started to think everything would be okay and her life would be so much better after this evening, but this is Stephen King we're talking about here. So no. XD

The girl that made Carrie's life a misery really outdid herself now. She, along with her greaser boyfriend, set up a trap for when Carrie and Tommy were voted Prom King and Queen. It involved pig blood all over them and total humiliation.
In the film there is that really long walk up to the stage with Carrie beaming beautifully around at everyone. It was amazing and suspenseful at the same time, and made the prank even more heartbreaking! In the book I think it was a bit rushed and short-lived.

Then chaos breaks loose. In the film I had no idea what was going on! I didn't know the prom-goers were being electrocuted and just thought they were getting their clothes ruined by the water pipes! XD However in the book it really explains how they died in good detail. ALSO, in the book, the whole town is destroyed, not just the school prom!

Overall I enjoyed it, don't get me wrong. I just wanted it to be longer!

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