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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Misery by Stephen King

Yep, here's another of my rubbish book reviews with lots of spoilers... Sorry XD
 Well firstly, this book has had me in suspense the whole way through. I became obsessed with it. Literally. I couldn't put it down. I think it may be my 2nd favorite Stephen King book for this reason.

Throughout the whole book I was terrified for the author, Paul, and what would happen to him whilst living in hostage! I think Annie (the kidnapper) was Bipolar. I can't remember though. She was terrifying in the way she acted motherly, happy and kind some days, and the next she would be depressed, chopping your leg off for the slightest mistake you made or re-breaking your already shattered legs!  

Paul Sheldon was the famous author of the 'Misery' series, and had many fanatic female fans. Annie Wilkes was no exception. She was OBSESSED to the point that she would kidnap the author. However, we find out that she was an ex-nurse that has actually killed many patients before. She got put on trial for murder but got off somehow and moved to the mountains in Maine (interestingly there was a reference to the Overlook Hotel from The Shining!).
 Anyway... Paul was involved in a car crash near the mountains, and was knocked unconscious with two completely shattered legs. The amount of detail explaining this poor guy's legs was rather gross, to be honest! And the way they never healed properly as well... Ugghhh D: Poor guy!
Annie found him and brought him to her secluded home in the mountains. She put some intra-venous tubes into his arms and fed him that way until he regained consciousness, and made a make-shift brace for his legs.

The guy woke up to a kind and caring Annie who brought him painkillers (which he later became addicted to. I've been there! XD In hospital I had 8 a day and none of them worked!!), fed him and talked to him. They appeared to be friends. However Annie had something planned for him!
At first I thought she wanted them to become lovers, as she did seem to have a little crush on him, after all he is her favourite author. But instead she made him write her a special book about Misery. 

So, Paul got steadily better, with a few mishaps on the way.
Whenever he angers Annie, she would lash out in a really sadistic way. Including; the chopping off of limbs, refusal to give him the much needed painkillers and hitting his healing legs.
However he manages to get out of his sick room sometimes whilst Annie is in her 'laughing place'. It's those moments that the tension kills me! I'm like 'Ahhhhhh! What if she gets back, Paul! Hurry up!' and almost shaking my Kindle! XD

It's the ending that really scares me though...

Edit - I've created a roleplaying blog on Tumblr (one of my latest crazes! I've been following an amazing Patrick Hockstetter RP blog for ages now.) for the character Annie Wilkes! 

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