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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Birthday Haul!

This post is due to the reason that I'm a spoiled brat and love material-world goods. *laughs* I'm really grateful for all my gifts, they're all just so special to me! My real birthday is on the 22nd October, but we celebrated it early again this year, as the 22nd is a bad, busy day for all of my family - plus, school. My day was spent pottering around dressed in lolita, reading my new books and unwrapping poor Nella - so a really good day!
Reviews for books, TV series and my new Pullip will come soon!

Black mohair cloche - from my Parents.

Blandings TV series - from my brother.

Pennywise vinyl figure - from Abi.

Pullip Nella - from my parents.

Lolita books - from my parents.

History of Fashion and Claudia's Story - from my grandparents.
Bear book ends - from Wendy, and chocolates from my Aunt

King of Darkness chain - from my parents

Red rose, from my Aunt.

Balloon from my Aunt.

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