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Saturday, 11 October 2014

Elizabeth Rose Bonnet

I made this bonnet recently with the supplies I bought in Maine. It's made of a straw hat base (18"), dove grey velvet, white cotton on the inside, three kinds of lace, grosgrain ribbon, and four white roses. This is the first hat I've made, so I'm satisfied for my first attempt!
I was going for more of a simple, elegant design in monotone colours, to match the name of the Queen of England. My mum said that I should have added more roses on the back, but I think it looks okay the way it is; I wanted it to be quite sparse anyway. Actually, it turned out quite different from the design I quickly sketched on holiday, but seeing as this was my first bonnet, I'm rather glad, as the other design seemed quite complicated to make.

I'm really pleased with how nicely the grey and white go together, as that was a last-minute decision. Also, the lace on the front looks very impressive worn. As for what I would change if I were to make this again, I think that the puckering on the crown of the bonnet looks rather odd - I had a lot of difficulty getting that to sit right, and in the end it still looks quite strange...

Whilst making this, sewing the lace to the brim, I listened to Jeeves and Wooster on the TV and drank rose tea - a really relaxing way to spend a Sunday afternoon! I'm really enjoying sewing at the moment, so I'm thinking of making items in grey and white to match, to add a classic element to my lolita wardrobe; perhaps a grey cape and a grey A-line skirt with roses...

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