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Sunday, 9 November 2014

Elizabeth Rose Design

I've just been sooo busy at school and had no time to draw recently! This picture is a fashion design I made for Textiles at school, where the theme is "Japanese Street Style". Naturally I chose lolita!

These clothes and accessories are part of my "Elizabeth Rose" series, which contains a hard Victorian bonnet, a small velveteen cape, and a skirt.

Inspiration is placed around the Queen of England, as research tells me that British things are a source of inspiration for Lolita designers in Japan.

My colour scheme is grey and white, monotone colours, to create more of a mature, sophisticated side to a fun and alternative, upbeat fashion. Also, it represents the colours of diamonds bathed in light, seeing as the Diamond Jubilee was not so long ago. The decoration is mainly sparse, for elegance and simplicity.
I've already made the bonnet and am going to make the skirt for my GCSEs. I went easy on the frills, because, well, school... 

The rose fabric I manipulated onto the skirt belongs to IKEA, as I did not draw it. And the croquis base is by Azute Thank you!

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