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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Leave it to Psmith by P.G. Wodehouse

Here is another really funny, brilliant Blandings novel by P.G. Wodehouse! I have to admit, this series is growing on me really fast, especially the character of Lord Emsworth! In this particular book we can expect more dark plots - this time to steal a necklace from Lord Emsworth's sister, Lady Constance - many strangers and imposters on the grounds of Blandings Castle, and doubtlessly, plenty of silliness.

Another character was introduced in this book, Psmith - with a silent 'P'. He seems very confident (except for when the dreaded topic of fish is introduced) and amiable, even going so far as to put an add in the papers for any kind of job, hence the title of the book. At first I found him very agreeable and funny, especially the way he goes off on a tangent about every single subject, so people have to tell him to shut up most of the time - but after a while, his chattiness can seem a little bit irritating, especially where Eve Halliday is concerned.
He is completely in love with her, but because of his rather large ego - in my opinion - seems to go a bit far, just like Freddie Threepwood, in proposing to her. They make a nice couple when Eve finally gives in to all his proposals, probably like most girls in the early 20th century, and I think he would be a lovely husband, I just think that some aspects of their relationship was a tad forced; especially where Psmith impersonates a guest of the castle just so he could chase after her and see her more often, as he knew she was working there... Plus, at one point Eve breaks in to his house because she suspects he stole the diamond necklace (which she was actually trying to steal for the same reason as Psmith; to help the same friend!) and completely tears the whole cottage apart looking for the thing, as well as coming across as very hostile towards him. And when he finds her there... which was a very scary moment for a usually light-hearted P.G. Wodehouse novel... he points a revolver at her, terrifying her half to death, as well as poor love-struck Freddie hiding up in the attic!

Lady Constance Keeble was also introduced in this novel, and I didn't think she was so bad until I watched the Blandings TV series with Jennifer Saunders as an actress; she is very scary then! I do feel sorry for her that her necklace was stolen from her, even though it was to raise money for her family member to own a farm with her husband, as Constance previously refused to support her because of said husband. Also, through this novel, I find that my opinion of Baxter was quite justified; he is annoying in this novel, also, to the point where Lord Emsworth and Psmith thought he had gone mad.

Overall, I thought the second book in the Blandings series was fun and entertaining, even with some suspense in places, but next time I would like to see a more different plot line, as in the previous book something was stolen also...

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