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Saturday, 9 January 2016

Son of a Witch - Gregory Maguire

Son of a Witch was just as good as Wicked, but this time there were dragons, which marked it slightly higher in my books! It was also slightly gorier than the first novel in the series, which I liked if I'm going to be honest. It wasn't quite horror, but it was edging upon it, talking about the mysterious 'scrapings' and bloodshed.

In Son of a Witch, Liir questions his parenthood - is Elphaba his mother or not? - tries to find Nor again, and gets attacked by dragons, leaving him in a coma. From then he meets Candle and Trism, forming a love triangle that gets rather complex at times owing to his confused feelings for them both. The ending was ambiguous, and I need answers! Does Liir ever find Nor? What happened to Candle and Trism, where did they go? Who does he choose between the two? Is peace ever restored to Oz? I'm very intrigued, and am currently reading A Lion Among Men.

I really liked the character Liir, as he's developed a lot since Wicked, from a small chubby boy to a brave soldier and deserter, trying to find his way in the world. His relationship with Candle and Trism interested me, as I never knew which one he loved more. On one hand he slept with Trism twice of his own free will, and it seemed he had quite a loving relationship with him, but on the other hand he had a daughter with Candle and feels responsible for that... To be honest I prefer him with Trism, as with Candle, he was raped by her and guilt-tripped into looking after their baby; he didn't really have a choice with her, whereas he could have balked out of his relationship with Trism - which could have got him in a lot of trouble - but stood by his side the whole time.
If any fans of the Wicked Years are reading this, what did you think of the relationship between Candle and Liir? It said that he loved her, but I always saw it as a bit forced and abrupt, seeing as she was the one that rescued him from a coma. I'm undecided whether I like Candle or not.

I'm looking forward to finding out the answers in the next two books, but then again I'll be sad about finishing them!

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