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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Black Butler Chapter 88

Wow, it's been a while since I wrote a review for Black Butler chapters... In fact, I missed about six months, and I've still got more book reviews in my queue to do! *hides*

Firstly, I'm really liking this new arc (I liked the Weston College arc too, but when the cricket started, I couldn't be bothered doing reviews anymore as it'd be out of my comfort zone), it's getting more towards the occult side of things, and I noticed this especially in Sieglinde's home. Did you see those devil-like horns on the chair she was sitting on in the dining room? And the torture devices about the place? It seems more like the devilish, occult-y theme that Black Butler started with. Also, this current arc is set in Germany, a beautiful place that I've always wanted to go!

Anyways, Sieglinde's design is amazing. What I love most about her is the really old-fashioned clothing she wears. They really remind me of the fashions in Tudor paintings that you see in history lessons. I'm really tempted to draw her, but I've got enough things to be drawing right now. XD Not only does she look really cute, but she genuinely seems interested in Ciel. Her name is interesting too. I looked it up, and apparently it can mean "Victory" and "gentle, soft". I wonder if it means anything towards the outcome of this arc?

The Green Manor is beautiful! Yana Toboso's attention to detail is stunning! If I were Ciel -- despite the fact he already lives in a manor and is filthy rich -- I'd be really excited to stay the night there!

It was pretty funny when there wasn't any conversation for about an hour, and Ciel was becoming desperate for Sebastian to start a conversation! Reminds me of break times in my two schools, aha... It was also very sweet when they tried to talk together, despite Ciel being practically useless at German. Seeing Ciel's sad little face when she asked about his parents made me kind of sad myself. Poor Ciel...

I wonder if Sieglinde has to wait until midnight every day to get her food at the rate Wolfram is going? Funny that Sebastian compared him to the three Phantomhive servants. (as a plus, his face reminded me of Maurice Cole's expression in the Weston College arc XD) When the food finally arrived, I loved that Sieglinde wasn't all ladylike and minding her table manners, like Elizabeth, or any other Victorian woman for example. She actually looked really cute in those panels. XD Ciel's face was just too comical at that point. He's probably never seen anything like that before!

Ahh, I'm really excited to find out about the werewolf situation next chapter! I don't think i can wait until January. :D

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