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Friday, 27 December 2013

OTP Meme from DeviantArt

(This meme made me laugh, so I'm posting it here too :)) I have a million and one things to do these Christmas holidays, but I've got a headache from all the math homework I've been doing all day (and now, all my homework is done, whooo, free-time for once!), sooooooooo....

List 10 of your OTPs:
  ~Two person pairings only
  ~No combining names
  ~Can be Het/Yaoi/Yuri
  ~Can be CanonxCanon/OCxCanon/OCxOC

1. Patrick Hockstetter x Henry Bowers (It) yaoi
2. Annie Wilkes x Norman Bates (cross between Stephen King's Misery and Psycho in an old RP) het
3. Ben Hanscome x Beverly Marsh (It) het
4. Prince Soma x Agni (Black Butler) yaoi
5. Maurice Cole x Edgar Redmond (Black Butler) yaoi
6. Alois Trancy x Claude Faustus (Black Butler) yaoi
7. Lizzie Midford x Ciel Phantomhive (Black Butler) het
8. Cheslock x Greggory Violet (Black Butler) yaoi
9. Cherry Knox x Aika Rowland (OCs from the story I'm writing) yuri
10. Momoko Ryuugasaki x Ichigo Shirayuri (Kamikaze Girls) yuri

1) Who gets along better? Pairing #1 or #5?
Oh god, both pairings hate each other in the books! Well, at first Maurice and Redmond were like best friends/brothers, but they fell out and Redmond dismissed him as his fag (*ahem* that means a brotherly/butler-like relationship only valid on school grounds in boarding schools, during the Victorian era... Not the other sense of the word!)... And Henry Bowers punched Patrick in the face in It, just in case he told anybody about what happened in the Junkyard (not going into details, but it involved a sex scene). So I guess pairing five got along better, or, at least they used to.

2) According to you, does the first person in pairing #10 truly love the second person?
Not particularly. Although, the ending of Kamikaze Girls was kind of ambiguous, and made me inwardly fangirl a little because it sounded romantic. So maybe Momoko could grow to love her in the future.

3) Oh no!! The second person in pairing #4 sees their boy/girlfriend with the first person in pairing #7!! What happens?
Agni would probably turn the other cheek. Soma is 17, and Lizzie is 14, so he'd probably let it go, but inside he'd be a little sad.

4) What would you do if pairing #8 was 100% canon?
Die of happiness of course. ;)

5) In pairing #9, who's more likely to survive an army of zombies?
Ahahahaha, Cherry obviously! Aika would probably just die of shock, whereas Cherry's really badass and can take three boys on in a fight at once. So, yeah, Cherry'll be fine if there's ever a zombie apocalypse.

6) Would the first person in #3 die for their boy/girlfriend?
Yes! Yes he would! Ben is such a cutie!

7) When did you start liking pairing #2?
When I started a RP with my Annie Wilkes account on Tumblr with a Norman Bates account. They just seemed made for each other.

8) Which pairing do you like the most? #4, #6, or #10?
I can't decideeeee! Okay, number 10. They'd just be perfect together.

9) In pairing #7, would the second person still love the first person if they were in a car crash that made them ugly forever?
Lizzie would love Ciel no matter what, so yeah, she would.

10) Does anyone get in the way of pairing #3?
Bill Denborough, Richie Tozier, and practically the entire Losers Club!

11) What would the first person in #9 do if the first person in #1 stole their boy/girlfriend?
Cherry would beat Patrick up for sure. (poor Patrick)

12) Which pairing is the closest to a crack paring?
Annie Wilkes and Norman Bates. They're from two completely different stories, and would never meet! (though I still love them of course)

13) How did pairing #5 meet?
It doesn't mention it in the manga, as they're only minor characters in an arc, but I have a feeling that Edgar is 2-3 years older than Maurice; and they meet each other when Maurice first entered the school, and Edgar was in his third/fourth year of high school. They'd probably pass each other in the hall, as they're from the same house, maybe smile or wave to each other, but never really talk. And when Edgar became a prefect, he'd employ Maurice as his fag, because fag masters apparently loved to have effeminate fags.

14) Pairing #10 had a baby! What happens next?

Absolute chaos. *psst* Besides, they're only like 16/17!

15) The first person in #8 got amnesia! How does their boy/girlfriend help them remember?

As Violet loves painting, he'd probably paint some amazing masterpiece to explain everything to Cheslock, and he'd remember everything they've been through in the school.

16) The second person in #1 is dying!! What are their final words to the first person?

"I'll... kill... *cough* you, Hockstetter..."

17) Is #4 a virgin couple?
Hmm, in the manga, probably. Although, because Soma's the prince, he could order Agni to do anything. ANYTHING.

18) Pairing #6 and #7 are double dating! What happens?
*laughs* Claude would dump Alois at the first chance he could get, steal Ciel's soul from across the dinner table, eat it, run away like a bat out of hell, and leave Alois to sob on the floor, and Lizzie to faint from shock.

19) What song(s) fits pairing #5?
Yay! I have lots of songs for this couple! Either 'Lies' or 'Starring Role' by Marina and the Diamonds. But 'Primadonna' is Maurice's personal song. ;)

20) Pairing #9 has been genderbended!! Outcome?
... I think they'd be just the same, but Aika wouldn't be wearing so many frilly dresses. XD

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