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Friday, 20 December 2013

Pictures Drawn for Me Part 3

Here are some drawings done by friends either on Deviant Art, or in real life! These pictures mean so much to me, I just love them! Some are my OCs and some are birthday presents and art trades with friends in real life. I'll upload them in the order I got them. <3

 I commissioned NamiPoupee on Deviant art to draw Aika for the book cover of When The Summer Ends, my story that I intend on maybe publishing to kindle one day. Can I just say I almost screamed when I saw it! XD It's so beautiful, and so fitting to her character! Nami is an amazing artist, and so sweet too. I just love this picture so much. Another pic to show the beautiful details she included.

Game Over, drawn by Wendy again, haha. I bet she's sick of drawing for me. XD Anyways, this was part of an Art trade. I drew her Reverie, if you can remember. This time, it's my character Amaya Kuroikiryo from my story Ghost Under the Umbrella. The Game Over effects really suit Amaya's story that I'm creating. I swear these artists are psychic... <3

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