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Saturday, 7 December 2013

Pullip Doll Merl

A few days before my birthday I received Pullip Merl, as birthdays always make me nervous for some reason!

I think she is my favourite doll so far! She has long, soft red hair that falls almost to her feet, and ends up in little waves around her legs. Her eyes are a beautiful colour, and her lips are almost the same shade as her hair.
Pullip Merl's outfit is a navy blue sailor-style dress that reminds me somewhat of fashions popular in the Edwardian times. It is complete with sailor collar, tiny little buttons and double white lines to suit the style. Her underskirt peeks just below her blue one in little ruffles. When you take off the outer dress, she is wearing a really cute white dress underneath,  that looks a little like an old-fashioned nightgown. Merl also comes with a yellow lacy sash, stripy woolen socks, adorable little boots and two head-eating bow clips.

I have decided to nickname her Beverly after the character from Stephen King's It. (it must be the red hair, ahaha. That's what I remember most about her from Ben's haiku).

Beverly is also from the 50s, and her hobbies and interests are sailing, the ocean, marine life, swimming, birds, adventures and meeting new people. She is illiterate but gets by just fine. She is also one of my OCs, and she gets her name from Beverly Marsh, one of my favourite characters from Stephen King's It. She's also inspired a little by the lovely Jimmy "Diamond" Skinner from David Balacci's Wish You Well. Her star sign is Libra and she is 15 years old.

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