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Monday, 20 January 2014

Black Butler Chapter 89

In my honest opinion, this chapter was really shocking and surprising. Especially the ending!

First of all we see the woman who was mauled by the werewolf, and Sieglinde pours some liquid over her (maybe it's holy water? I have no idea) whilst uttering something the reader can't make out. We later find out she is a "green witch"!
It is obvious all the villagers want Ciel and Sebastian out. Well, that was clear from the start. Yet I think Sieglinde could be very lonely, so she wants to keep them there for the time being...

Later on, she is found to be spying on Ciel and Sebastian, and there's this really funny panel where Sebastian shoves a cake in Ciel's mouth to shut him up. Or maybe I'm just easily amused? XD
She mentions something about a premonition of destroying the key to a secret chamber she had protected for eleven years... I'm really wondering about that, what it could be. Maybe she thinks there is something in there that Ciel and Sebastian need? I can't work out if they're going to turn out to be enemies, like Doll for example, or if she's actually harmless.
THEN, she tries to get Ciel and Sebastian to sleep with her, to buy their silence! I felt kind of sorry for Ciel, it must have been really embarrassing for him (it was for me, and I'm a reader)! I could tell Sebastian was very amused by it all. XD

The pages on the witch trail were very beautiful. I'm starting to become really interested in the whole witch business of this arc. It's very different from the others.

Ciel and Sebastian go to chase after the werewolf after they spot it in the woods. It was really suprising to see Ciel and Sebastian cry - especially Sebastian! He said so himself that he is not capable of that kind of emotion.

The cliffhanger at the end was really intense! I'm really, really not going to be able to wait until next month!

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