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Monday, 20 January 2014

Wat Kyk Jy?

I love pin-up poses, and this was a lot of fun to draw. It was different from my usual drawings, as usually I just like drawing fancy clothes. In my mind her hair was straight and platinum blond, but I can only draw curled hair. *cries*
This is a new OC called Yolandi. She got her name, and the title of the picture from Die Antwoord, who I'm currently obsessed with! "Wat Kyk Jy?" means something along the lines of "what are you looking at?"
  • 19, from South Africa. She used to live in South Africa but moved to England.
  • Goes to an all-girl public school in Southport.
  • Prefect for the red house at her school.
  • Knows lots of languages; Afrikaans, English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Polish, and Arabic. Wants to know the languages of all the different people in her school.
  • Bubbly, loves to tease and flirt. Popular and cares about everyone. Very kind and hardworking.
  • Bad points; cocky sometimes, with the power which comes with being a prefect.
  • Younger brother who became paralysed in a terrible accident, accidentally jumping into the shallow end of the swimming pool. Looks out for him a lot.
  • Very tall, 5’’9. Towers above the rest but doesn’t mind it at all. Long, thin platinum blond hair she always wears in a ponytail. Her hair is usually straight but sometimes she curls the ends. Mahogany brown eyes. Fair skin.
  • Always seen wearing her school uniform, even at weekends. Grey skirt that falls approximately eight inches above the knee, grey sweater vest with red around the collar and sleeves, white starchy shirt, and a red and black tie that strangles her.
  • Loves school.
  • Best friends are Josephine, and another girl called Yolandi, who she calls ‘Mini Yolandi’ or ‘Mini Me’. (she is English, but was born in South Africa as her English parents lived there for a couple of years)
  • Gets on well with everybody.

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