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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Johan Isul

For Christmas I received my first Isul doll, Johan! I've admired this particular doll for a long time now, and I'm so happy he's mine! I first saw him in the Gothic and Lolita Bible, and it was kind of love at first sight, ahaha.

He has short platinum blond hair, orange-y lips, and really striking blue eyes. Isul Johan's skin is very fair, almost looking ghostly, but that's all a part of his character, I think.
His clothes are made by Alice and the Pirates, a sister brand of Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, so naturally they're very beautiful and wonderfully well-made. The attention to detail is flawless, especially with the miniscule clocks, tiny, tiny removable bows, and beads. I just love the design of his clothes, which were designed by Mitsukazu Mihara, I think! (one of my favourite artists)

Details in his cape
Mitsukazu Mihara's illustration

I decided to name him Johan, which is his stock name by Pullip. Usually I don't do that, but it was such a cute name that I couldn't resist. I like to pronounce it the German way, YO-hahn. It's sophisticated and rich-sounding but not too complex. Plus, it's a little like Joanne Harcourt's name from Black Butler. <3

I love these little card thingys
As for his back story, I decided, like his name, he's going to be German. He is 12 years old, and lives during the 1930s. He loves his elder sister (who I'm saving my pennies for right now), Celeste, and lives in Cologne. His hobbies are dancing, star gazing, and he loves the snow. Birthday is the 17th December.

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