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Monday, 22 June 2015

A Long Three Months

I've finished my GCSEs last week, so now it's the summer holidays, and a bally long one at that! Not that I'm complaining - studying all day every day was boring and tiring - but now I've made a list of creative things I want to achieve... After all, I can't just sit around reading Jooster fanfictions all day, can I? (or can I...? hmm).

  • Right now I'm doing several things at once; writing a Jeeves and Wooster fanfiction, doing some sketches, and sewing a jumpsuit for my sister for when we go on holiday to the South of France. I'll post some of those things soon.
  • But top on my list is When the Summer Ends. I haven't touched the thing for practically months, being so busy and distracted and whatnot. So soon I shall print everything I've done so far out, and sit there and edit it until my eyes bleed. I SHALL FINISH IT WHETHER IT KILLS ME OR NOT!! *pounds chest ferociously* I just need to read it and get familiar with the story and characters again, especially the minor ones that will actually play a huge part in the story at one point of another. Though, I have had divine inspiration in my sleep last Saturday, so I'm rather looking forward to getting stuck in! Wish me luck!
  • I also plan on going places and seeing people, such as museums and more National Trust places. I'm also going to London with my mum, and then the Montelimar with my whole family, so I'll probably post photos from those occasions.
  • Sewing, doing little bits of creative writing around When the Summer Ends (including fanfictions, because how can I resist spurning up some Jooster), sketching, and perhaps even doing some more digital art is on my list also.
  • I'm thinking about asking my dad to make me a website for my books, so expect to see me trawling about the internet with lots of updates!

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