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Monday, 22 June 2015

Art Exhibition and Prom

Here are some of my artworks that I have done in class for the past two years. I've also taken some photos of Wendy's art because I know she won't mind, and it's simply fabulous!

These last three photos are Wendy's work, not mine. My themes were Cells, Distorted Portraits and Fantastic and Strange, and hers were the first two listed, plus Food. 

I've actually got a funny story about this art exhibition for Year 11; the head teacher told me straight after an exam that there was an event on Thursday, but I was tired and heard Tuesday instead. That meant that my entire family was dragged to my school on the wrong day, though thankfully a caretaker let us in anyway and we got a preview of the exhibition. Embarrassingly enough, the head teacher walked into the library at that point and started having conversations with my grandparents. I apologised for getting the wrong day, and he was very nice about it and told us to take our time! 

And the prom! I've written a lot about the prom (which I actually enjoyed despite hating parties) but I won't bore you with it here. I wore my Innocent World dress, Angelic Pretty bag, pink shoes, and a neutral-pink ballerina cardigan that my mum bought me! The thing I enjoyed most was seeing what everyone wore, as every girl and boy I saw were dressed so glamorously and to their personalities! Here are some pictures. 

 I'm such a nincompoop in this photo, and I have no idea what I'm laughing at, but I still like it, haha.

Here I've realised that I was holding my invitation upside-down, so that's why we're both laughing!

Me and my friends, as my dad took from inside the building... Funny, because I never even noticed.

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