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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Fontainebleu, France

A few weeks ago, at the end of August, I went on holiday to France with my extended family, including grandparents and my Aunt, who came over from Australia. We all had such a great time soaking up the atmosphere and relaxing by the pool at our villa, and I got to take a lot of scenic photos of the very French surroundings! I've read a lot, done some sketching, a tiny bit of writing, and a LOT of walking. And for the first time in years, I've swam in a swimming pool and in the Mediterranean sea!
For the first evening and early morning, we stayed at Fontainebleu, which is one of the most charming little towns I've ever had the pleasure of visiting. All the restaurants and cafes are lively and atmospheric, and of course the food is always a delight! I've never eaten such lavish food before, so it's a shame my appetite wasn't very big when we were in France. The presentation is always great, too; we ate at L'Ovale on our first evening in France, and I had the melon and parma ham, and in the morning we sat at a "Tea Place" and drank hot chocolate - however, we didn't have it in those bowls, like we were expecting.
Then we had a promenade around the town, taking pictures with my photographer Granddad in the evening. I also went for little walks with my brother and dad, to take the photos in daylight. :)

We didn't stay for long (only one night), but I'd certainly love to come again. There is a stately home/palace that I haven't visited yet!

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