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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Perfect Nonsense

Yesterday my Mum, Dad and I drove to Crewe to see Jeeves and Wooster, Perfect Nonsense on stage! It was wonderfully funny and I never stopped grinning from ear to ear throughout the whole thing! I was overjoyed as before now the chances of me seeing this show were very slim, yet when I checked back the tickets were on sale again.

This show was the story of the catastrophic cow creamer, altered only a little as the story goes that Bertie was performing it on the stage with Jeeves and Seppings, due to a fleeting comment that went to his head from Bingo Little, that it would be ideal for the theater. There were only three actors playing many Wodehouseian parts, which led to many, many hilarious misadventures.

Although it's not the cast I saw, I love this picture of Bertie.

 Poor Seppings had to be Spode and climb up onto a high structure with a coat obscuring it, to make him look much taller - and not only that, but he looked and acted exactly like Hitler!
My favourite bit was where Jeeves was playing Madeline Bassett flirting with Bertie, and got a bit too carried away and tried to kiss him - he acted very realistically as Madeline, and we could all see Bertie looking astonished and amazed at the same time. Another favourite part was at the end of the first act, where dramatic music came on, the lights died down, and Bertie was behaving like a right drama queen whilst asking for Jeeves's council. Then when the curtain rose again, and Bertie was sat there naked in the bath; he called for Jeeves to bring his robe, and it looked almost although Jeeves was peeking at him from behind the towel! And at the very end, where they danced together like a couple from the 20s. I'd never giggled so much in my life. Very slashy - intentional or not - so I loved it. Whoever wrote the play must have been reading through the lines with a magnifying glass, like all us fangirls and fanboys at Indeed Sir (I say us because I joined the comm in the summer and have never read so much amazing fanfic in all my life)!

The Lyceum theater in Crewe was also a great experience, being built in 1911 and having a very quaint, vintage interior. Swing music from the 1920s was playing, and surprisingly I knew every song that played. I couldn't think of a better theater to watch Jeeves and Wooster in!

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