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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Midnight Velvet Cloche

From The Midvale Cottage Post I noticed that they had a relatively easy-looking free pattern for a cloche. This pattern was actually from the 1920s, so I was pretty excited to get started right away. I was planning on making it to wear to the theater, but time was against me.
Left over from my Vintage to Old School skirt project I had just about enough velvet from the hem, so I decided to test my sewing skills by making another hat - my first cloche. 

On the inside it's a mess, as the pattern calls for felt rather than velvet, the latter of which needs to be hemmed and generally treated well. But on the outside, it's serviceable. I'm about 70% happy with the results as I feel it could have been nicer with felt and slightly smaller to fit my head better, but for my first cloche it's an achievement!

I used corduroy for the top of the hat, as my velvet supply had run out by that point. S'cuse my terrible victory rolls - I have neither a 20s bob or hair thick enough for victory rolls. :)

I decided to forget the brim as it was busy and thick enough with just the massive bow.

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