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Saturday, 12 September 2015

Montélimar, South France

This is the villa that we resided in for our trip down to Montélimar. I just love the way it looks, with ivy creeping down the walls and pastel blue shutters! It was also very decorative inside, with Rococo-Victorian-esque furnishings and pictures. Mine and my sister's bedroom is the last photo, which was very comfortable for the week we spent there. 

I did so much walking around the town, going to restaurants (my favourite was the Don Camillo, which I strongly recommend if you happen to visit Montélimar - I had the biggest and best paella ever there!) and museums, such as the Modern Art museum and the Minitures museum, which also has some interesting exhibitions on Oriental hair accessories and hair. 

Most of the days it was sunny and hot, so we even drove down to the beach on one of the busiest days of summer (did you know that apparently everyone from Paris comes down to the South of France beaches on a certain day?). It only rained for two days, and even then we made the most of it by walking into town and going in the pool. 

Our bedroom, with traditional rugs and a light, airy feel.

Some framed pictures I particularly liked, of Georgian/Rococo scenes. I did a sketch of this one, as I'd like to make the dress and caplet some day.

Here is the house after an evening walk with my dad. We saw bats clearly in the twilight sky!

Some street art in the town, which is famous for nougat. They also have a lot of curious cicada emblems in the gift shops, which is strange seeing as I didn't hear or see any during our stay. Maybe the cicada season was over already?

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