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Monday, 5 May 2014

A New Story Coming Soon

 At the moment I've come up with a new idea for a story called Margaret's School. Strangely, the whole story was inspired by a dress from a Japanese indie lolita brand called Margaret School... Basically, the story is based on my school, and the things I've noticed going on there, and all the people I've met (read: watched). It is based on a few of my own experiences too, from the start of high school, until the last few years. The main characters are Margaret, and a girl called Evangeline who is her best friend, but sometimes can be rather distant and strange.
It sounds rather boring when I write about it like that, but I'm hoping I can make it more interesting when I'm writing about it, and besides, the main reason I'm writing this is to get more experienced in writing description and scenery. Actually, it's set in my own home town, Southport, as many of my stories take place in foreign countries like America and France, I thought I'd write one set in England for a change.
Maybe I'll post it soon, as I've typed up around 2,000 words for the first chapter today. At the moment I'm still going strong with When the Summer Ends, I'm just not posting it for now. I might publish it to Kindle someday, like I first wanted to, but if in the end I don't for whatever reason, I definitely post it here. Right now, I've just finished chapter 15 of When the Summer Ends, and I couldn't be happier, however sometimes I think my writing is a bit dull, as not much really happens in it. There's no action, no adventure, but I like to think I focus more on emotions.  

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