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Saturday, 31 May 2014

The Jeeves Omnibus 2 by P.G. Wodehouse

This will be a very brief review because I'm exhausted from yesterday... ^^

I have literally to finish two more episodes of Jeeves & Wooster, and then the whole TV series is finished for me... I'm actually really sad about that, even though the TV series took up hours and hours of my days and entertained me these past few months. On the bright side, I've still got a LOT of the Jeeves omnibus to read, and then after I've finished all those (if I ever finish them - P.G. Wodehouse wrote the amazing series over a span of 59 years!) I still have the rest of the author's books to read; and he wrote a lot!

I've just finished the second omnibus, containing the stories; 'Right Ho, Jeeves', 'Joy in the Morning', 'Carry on Jeeves' and a selection of short stories at the end.

My favourite part was in the short stories, where Bertie had to give a speech at a girl's school, because Jeeves is trying to put him off from wanting to adopt a daughter; and the only way to do that was to lie to the head teacher of the school and say that Bertie wanted to give advice for the future!  It was really cute (in a sadistic kind of way) to see Bertie struggle for words in front of all those staring school girls that were just trying to be vindictive! The way Wodehouse talked about the all-girls school really reminded me of my own school, as the girls there are exactly like the ones at my school... Also, this story was set from Jeeves's point of view, which was quite an interesting change.

Another thing I liked was where Bertie was forced to kidnap this baby he saw on the beach - and honestly, it sounds more sinister than it actually was - because he thought it belonged to the girl who he wanted to get back together with his friend. From that point, I actually thought it was going to turn into a big mess (I mean, how do you get out of kidnapping a poor baby?!), but as usual, Jeeves manages to think of something. It was such a cute, slightly odd, moment where Bertie had to train the baby to say "Kiss Fweddie" in time for the lady to meet Freddie on the balcony!

Some other parts of the novel were set in New York, as we often see in the TV series. However, in my opinion, I prefer it when it's set in London, to be honest. I'm not entirely sure why, but I think it may be because I'm more familiar with places in England, than in America.

Some people say that the plot of the Jeeves series gets old after a while, but I'm still laughing after reading the second omnibus, and I plan on getting the rest of the volumes. The Jeeves series makes very entertaining, very pleasant reads, and certainly is a change from the horror books I usually read.

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