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Monday, 26 May 2014

Black Butler Chapter 93

First of all, I've realised that this arc of Black Butler seems very promising for glimpses into Ciel's past. I've always wanted to know why his parents were killed and his house burned down, and why he was kidnapped, so hopefully we'll have some more knowledge on this soon. This particular arc is very interesting (but also very heart-wrenching at the same time!). 

The chapter starts with Ciel still in a traumatised frame of mind (poor boy) and he is still rejecting Sebastian and all adults. Tanaka has to stop Sebastian from "shocking" Ciel at the beginning, but I misunderstood what exactly was happening at this part.

The scene then moves back to England to see the queen and her butlers. Sebastian had sent her some kind of plant for her butlers to examine, and there was this really strange scene where her butler has a finger puppet of Albert, her deceased husband, to calm her down! The Double Charles team examine the plant samples and are really shocked at what they find, however what exactly they found has not yet been revealed. I think the finger puppet part was a much-needed bit of comic relief, as recently the manga has been really depressing. The Queen then sends a message, but it's not revealed what the letter says.

Then, we return to Ciel. It was really interesting to see his thoughts, as they were split into two versions of Ciel; a confident, calm Ciel, and a frightened, child-like, innocent version of Ciel. They had a conversation, and it seems Ciel can't make up his mind as to what he wants. I won't reveal too much about this scene, but I'll say that it was rather surreal.  I just love the way Yana Toboso drew this part, it looks really dream-like with the huge chess board, star-shaped lights, and huge pairs of stage curtains. The design was amazing, and the artwork was simply gorgeous!

After that, I'm really starting to wonder whether Sieglinde is a good character or a bad character... I mean, she seems nice, friendly, and willing to help Ciel, but I can't help but feel there is more to her than what meets the eye. We see her being carried off by Wolfram, and the look in her face is just really sad, like she's really going to miss everyone. She gets scolded by the women in her village, and in the end she gives up and tells them all that she will get rid of Ciel and his servants from the forest.
Sebastian  goes back into the basement of that place that Wolfram tried so hard to keep secret, (the place where the werewolves were last time) and I really, really want to know what he found.

In the end, the letter is delivered by hand to Sebastian by the Queen's butler. Still, I have no idea what it says... Next chapter, I hope we'll have more answers!

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