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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Midori (ミドリ)

Recently I've got some new Midori (ミドリ) on my iPhone, and it made me realise how much I love this band! Before I only had about two albums, plus some videos I've seen on YouTube, but I've downloaded the albums; First, Second, Swing, some demos, and their live album; so I wanted to make a post about them.
Midori is described as a Jazz-Punk fusion band, with Mariko Goto as the main vocalist. The combination of both jazz and punk is unusual but really appealing in my opinion, as I love all kinds of music with jazz elements! Goto sounds sweet and innocent at times, and quickly changes to becoming angry and passionate with her vocals, along with the music to match the "mood" of the song.
I suppose they could be described somewhat like the Sex Pistols with a jazz element, but almost twice as lively! Some songs are gentle, some are crazy, but mainly I enjoy all of them.
For some reason, their sound reminds me very much of summer and nautical things, like sailor suits and the ocean... Summer because I really got into them two summers ago, and perhaps sailor suits because that always seems to be Mariko Goto's outfit when she is performing.

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