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Monday, 26 May 2014

Happy Birthday Aika!

I'm so happy I finished this today, because I wanted it done in time for her birthday (the 26th May) and I didn't think I would manage with all my homework and exams this month! There was going to be two more designs, but I was really short on time... And the anatomy fails, but really I'm just focusing on the clothes at the moment. (it's my dream to be a fashion designer or costume designer as well as an author)

The first design was something I made myself, based on 50s poodle-skirt designs and nautical style, and the second one is loosely based on Pullip Tiphona's stcok outfit by Innocent World, as you may see on my Pullip doll, Aika! These are only a selection of outfits I know she has, but really she has many more, and it makes me envious that she has the biggest lolita wardrobe of all my characters! Clothes are my favourite things to draw, so I count this as practice.

I swear I write and draw about my character Aika the most of all my OCs because she's my favourite; we have a lot in common! At the moment I'm writing a story about her called When The Summer Ends, and I'm just past chapter 15 right now (it's going quite slowly, but I'm really enjoying the experience!).

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