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Monday, 13 April 2015

Easter Holidays

The holidays are going okay, though sometimes I feel a little stir-crazy stuck at home. But that's alright: these holidays are meant for revision, which I'm doing quite consistently, I'm happy to say.

My parents gifted me with a seriously cute ornament that looks like Indy to motivate me in revision. He sits on my desk the whole time, staring at me with massive eyes and a huge pink tongue sticking out. It's uncanny how much he looks like Indy!

I also got some new shoes, which are from Kickers archive, based on the original shoes designed in 1995. They do have a real 90s look to them, and the shade is just wonderful! I first wore them in Manchester yesterday, when the weather was horrendous; and guess what... they didn't get wet or stain! These shoes are magic, not to mention making me at least two inches taller!

In Manchester I went shopping in Thunder Egg again, possibly the quirkiest, cutest shop I've ever been in. Fans of fairy-kei, otome-kei, or generally just cute, eccentric fashion would love it. Even the bags are sweet and colourful! I purchased this dress here, which reminds me of otome-kei, the 50s, and dresses that Pauline and Juliette wear in Heavenly Creatures all put together! How could I resist?

Aside from that I went to town with a friend and she introduced me to the American TV series, Orange is the New Black, as she knows I love LGBT characters in media. She told me all about the characters in great detail, the plot line, and the setting, and I was captivated right away. So I bought the first season a few days ago, and already I'm completely hooked!
As for my favourite characters, they're mainly Piper, Alex, Crazy Eyes, Lorello, Trisha and Boo, although all of the people in the show are very interesting and amusing. Alex is so hot, and even though I know she's quite a mean girl beneath her sexy rockabilly exterior and street-wise personality, I'm really attracted to her! Piper's also really beautiful, on the outside and inside, as she's very kind to the other prisoners most of the time - even when her tolerance is being slowly shredded to bits - and goes out of her way to make good relationships that otherwise treat her like dirt. She's so chipper and cheery despite her situation, which I admire. I also love to hate the workers of the prison (especially Pornstache, the bastard!) and the homophobic, transphobic idiot Doggett... She really, really gets on my nerves.
In a way it's like a black comedy; I know I shouldn't laugh at the situations, but really, they're just too funny! And the theme song, "You've Got Time", is always stuck in my head it's so catchy.

My dad and I are going on a primal/cave-man diet to lose weight. I think it will do my health a lot of good, as recently I've started thinking that I could be lactose-intolerant as well as gluten-intolerant. Seeing as it was Easter I accumulated quite a lot of chocolate eggs (just the usual Cadbury confectionery, which is actually my favourite kind), and although I didn't gorge myself with them excessively, even just a little bit of chocolate made me feel ill. Sometimes it was very bad, which has persuaded me to give up my Easter chocolate to other family members. I don't drink or eat very many milk products anyway, if I can avoid it, as I'm not that big of a fan unlike some people I know. So no more cake OR chocolate for me!

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