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Monday, 6 April 2015

René and Me - Gorden Kaye

Right now I've gotten a taste for autobiographies after reading the amazing Malala Yousafzai book I got for Christmas! I recently bought this book and finished it really quickly, as it kept me engaged all the way through, despite it being an autobiography.

It was written in 1989 and basically out of print, so I ordered it from a second hand bookstore through Amazon. Surprisingly, the book itself only cost a measly penny (which is bad for poor Gorden, the author, but good for buyers), yet the shipping was 2 pound 80, which is still really reasonable for an old book. 

I wasn't expecting much, to be honest. But when I opened the front cover... it was SIGNED by Gorden Kaye!

I'm really excited, as he is the main character from one of my favourite comedies, Allo Allo! Not only that, but through reading this it seems that he's also really lovely, modest and down-to-earth, regardless of being a well-known, talented actor.

In Allo Allo he plays René, who being a lady-magnet-type heterosexual man, comes across as slightly homophobic when the adorable Lieutenant Gruber flirts with him. I bought this because as well as being a big fan of Allo Allo, I heard that Gorden Kaye was actually a closeted homosexual until partway through the show, when his secret was revealed and he felt his world was about to come crashing down, which interested me considering the character he was playing. Me being a lesbian, I would absolutely refuse to take on even slightly prejudiced roles - and perhaps even straight roles, if I'm to be completely truthful - if I were an actress. That aside, I can sympathise with Mr Kaye completely on the tough time he went through, as "coming out" is a very scary situation, especially when you've been forced by another to do so.

I found it really intriguing to know the background of one of my favourite actors, and what I got from this story was very uplifting; if a painfully shy, working-class boy can get through the sadness of life and achieve such success, then everybody should strive to do the same.

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