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Friday, 17 April 2015

Old School Chic

Recently I've been pouring through the earliest versions of the Gothic Lolita Bibles, mainly for nostalgia, but also because I'm in love with the Old-School sub-style at the moment. The way that it's not as polished as today's Lolita style is a huge bonus for me, and the slightly frumpy look makes it much more natural and easy to style. It's before the modern print-crazy trend, so it's much easier to make your own dresses and is a lot less busy!

Here's some pages that I loved the most:

Both are from the Gothic and Lolita Bible volume 7.
I love this girl; she's really pretty and still has a typically Western figure that Lolita designers seem to forget, yet is still included in the Bible! I think she's a natural Lolita model, with no need for a wig or circle lenses that I think are so excessive. And those clothes are the style I first fell in love with in Lolita; black and white clothes inspired by Victorian things, that also has a slightly Hogwarts feel to it! Also, she makes me really want shoulder-length hair! I need to grow mine longer.

Kamikaze Girls and Novala Takemoto! I must resist the urge to ship Momoko and Ichiko together, but they're so damn cute! And Anna Tsukiya is really attractive...

I love these hair styles and make up; it's so fluffy and sweet!


It reminds me of when I first discovered Malice Mizer - which led me to find Lolita fashion. I still listen to them now for hours on end! As a side note, I recall once writing in my French essay that I strive to look like Mana-sama when I grow up! It shows how my style has changed quite a lot in Lolita, although to be honest, I'd still love to wear Mana-sama's wardrobe.

These pages are also really sweet. I like the way they're not as polished as the modern-day Gothic Lolita Bibles, which can seem really fake at times. I just really appreciate natural beauty.

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