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Sunday, 5 April 2015

Evangeline's Summer Dress - Design


This is the dress I designed for my character, Evangeline; her mother is very old fashioned, and although Evangeline is a tomboy, she sews and forces her to wear girly dresses. It was inspired by Jane Marple and the 50s, and I finished making it at the end of February! It has an otome-kei feeling and I love wearing it with 50s accessories.
It's a really comfy, loose fit and I wanted to show that on Evangeline's body. I made my own croquis this time, inspired by the How to Draw Vintage book and 1920s 'garçonne' figure. Whilst I enjoyed drawing this, it may be the last digital art picture I do for a while, as a book on fashion design has inspired me to get my paints out.

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