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Friday, 24 April 2015

Tatton Park

In the Easter holidays I also visited Tatton Park, which is near Chester. I visited this place last summer, where we went to a beautiful summer fair, and I wore Lolita and got sunburnt (I'll remember to use my parasol next time)!
My family and I had a picnic (on which I may or may not have cheated on my diet...) and then my sister and I visited the manor with our father. This was another Georgian home.


Another wonderful place we got to see was the Old Hall, and we even had an hour-long guided tour! Supposedly it was on Most Haunted, but there wasn't even a vestige of a ghost there from what we experienced, and the tour-guide didn't believe in ghosts anyway.
The only scary thing there was that the gentleman running the tour dressed my brother up as a knight in chain link armour, and gave him a real axe and sword to hold! For a minute I thought we were all going to die; it's a good job that my brother does have some sense!
It was absolutely freezing inside the hall and barn, and as it was derelict, the rooms had spiders and spiders webs everywhere! That was particularly strange in the parlour that had 50s decor and technology, but less so in the rooms that were Elizabethan.

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