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Sunday, 4 October 2015

A New Puppy For My Birthday

My birthday isn't for another few weeks, but seeing as my Dad has been promising me a puppy for doing well in my exams and we're pretty much unable to afford my birthday this year, we're combining the two and I've got a new puppy today!

We got him from Kelly's Kennels, where they had a fair range of choice of breeds, such as cocker spaniels, cavachons, dachshunds, etc. Out of all the breeds though, I wanted a Westie, as my grandparents used to have a lovely little Westie chap called Frasier, and he died about five years ago and I loved him to pieces. Also, there's a cute Westie in Jeeves and Wooster that belongs to the evil Aunt Agatha, so how could I resist?
Out of the two dogs on show I liked him best, as it seemed he chose me by not stopping licking my face, whereas the other was still and less playful.

Right away I called him Bertie, after my favourite fictional character, and it just seemed right for him. He's so little and adorable that I didn't want to put him down! His birthday is the 31st July, which is funny seeing as Indy's birthday is the 31st March! That makes him nine to ten weeks today.

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