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Saturday, 10 October 2015

Incognito Lolita

Recently on EGL there was a theme called Incognito Lolita, basically, how to get away with wearing Lolita fashion at school, college and work. Now, I would not have the confidence to go decked out in my frills for college, so this was an interesting thought for me.
Because I do Art and Design I usually wear my worst clothes to college, not wanting to get paint on anything I love - so Lolita brand is obviously out of the question for me. I'm not even sure I'd have the confidence to go full out with petticoat and headbow, even if I weren't doing a messy subject. So that's why wearing off-brand and handmade clothes is a great option; if you make it yourself and somebody makes fun of you, just say that you made it - that will make them shut up, and will maybe give you something to talk about!
So I'm working on a Loliable wardrobe for college, with clothes I won't mind getting dirty and can easily be washed, rather than needing a dry cleaners.

Or if you're insistent on wearing that gorgeous Angelic Pretty brand you own, keep it to a minimal. Minimal is key to keeping it incognito! Stay away from hyperactive prints, massive petticoats (keep the puff to a minimum), and JSKs to be worn with a blouse. OPs and skirts are best, as they're not so unusual and will keep you cooler in the workplace. Boleros and cute cardigans will add a nice touch to JSKs, so you don't have to wear it over a blouse (which, to non-Lolitas would appear a bit weird to wear a dress over a blouse).
Accessories are a good thing to make outfits more Loliable. Cute attachable collars, perhaps with a little embroidery, would be nice, especially a Peter Pan collar to add to a dress or T-shirt. Lolita jewellery added to 'normal' outfits, and perhaps a branded bag would add the perfect touch and make sure you still express yourself, without going all out and dressing to the nines.
As for colours, darker colours like black and grey are less likely to stand out, even if you are covered from head to toe in lace. Classical and Gothic Lolitas are lucky in this aspect, whereas Sweet Lolitas will have a harder time blending in. For an "inbetween" Lolita look, why not try Classical Lolita?

Here is an incognito outfit that I'm planning to wear for college. Perhaps with a lacy camisole or a simple Peter-Pan collar blouse underneath the bolero, this would be a very cute, Casual-Classic Lolita coordinate.

Blouse - not pictured: Dorothy Perkins
Bolero: John Lewis
Skirt: handmade
Necklace: Dorothy Perkins
Socks: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
Shoes: Office

Oxfords are really nice casual shoes for Classical Lolita, and the great thing is that they come in all the Classical Lolita shoe shades, such as brown, cream and black. You could even take it a step further and make some white spats to go with them, for a slight Victorian boots feel.

Soon I'll be working on a Gothic Lolita chiffon blouse to go with my Vampire Requiem replica skirt, so we'll see how that turns out for college wear; there are quite a few goth/scene kids at college, and while I don't necessarily wear those styles myself, I won't stand out to much compared with them.

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