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Sunday, 25 October 2015

Sixteen Going On Seventeen

On the 22nd it was my 17th birthday, and although we didn't do much to celebrate, I had a great day! At college things were great and everybody I spoke to wished me a happy birthday - one even wanted to get the whole class to sing, but I told him not to! - and then I went to my Grandparents for a Chinese take out with the family.
As I've been interested in vintage clothes recently, I was treated to some lovely vintage presents. There was a summer sale at Collectif, so I got two summery tops and a chiffon swing dress, plus a free bag, mirror and pouch! I also bought a 40s-50s bullet bra from the lingerie store What Katie Did, and it's made of peach coloured satin; I love it! Another bra and French knickers are on their way from that store also, as I got some cash off a few relatives.
Other presents included Wicked the novel, and Patterns of Fashion 2 by Janet Arnold - the latter of which has patterns from 1860-1940, including many lovely Edwardian and 1920s gowns! I also got some chocolates, a keep-sake box, and the new Animal Crossing Nintendo game. I've been very lucky this year! And out of my money I bought a vintage-esque burgundy blouse and some pearls that remind me of flappers from M&S.

With a couple of friends I went to Tea42 in Manchester, as they do really good gluten-free afternoon teas there. I wore my new dress and pearls with Mary Janes and a white chiffon capelet, and pinned up the side seams to the waistband for a swag/layered effect, which looked rather 30s-styled in my opinion.

I had the afternoon tea tray which included cute little sandwiches, a delicious fruit scone with Bonne Maman jam and cream, and a selection of sweets and cakes. All of us were defeated by our food, probably having consumed more than we should have done and feeling full to the point of bursting! My tea was Bramble Kiss, which I can seriously recommend; it's Chinese black tea with blackcurrant oil and blackberry leaves - delicious!
After that we went shopping in Afflecks, a place that sells vintage and alternative clothing. We all had a great time, and I purchased a flapper pin from the Bead Store.


(I'm not in this picture, but apologies to my friends for dragging you on to my blog. I'll take it down if you want :))


  1. Splendidly pretty dress!

    Wishing you a magnificent, fun filled, awesome 17th year, dear gal!

    ♥ Jessica