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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Aurora's Bed

Warning: Slightly NSFW and really bad attempts at poetry.

Aurora’s Bed

Teasing, taunting, I would not allow
Aurora to take me to her chambers,
those chambers that were always alive in the dead of night,
when everybody else was fast asleep.
Her bedroom was filled with purple,
lilac, violet, lavender and cornflower,
fragrance soft like endless velvet.
The poster bed was big enough to fit three,
but I knew only two would be occupying it this evening.
Luxury radiated from every nook and cranny,
from the sweep of her sheer jasmine nightgown,
to the many throws and dainty cushions that crowded her bed like past lovers.
Clouds of opium filled my lungs until the room blazed maddeningly purple and hazy pink
shades, warping and twisting in the coloured flickering of the candles.
Hallucinating, music from the Far East whirled around me, ghost people danced,
but my eyes were only for her.
I rushed to this ethereal being, throwing myself against the soft flesh of her womanhood.
Knowing I was only a maiden myself, I humbled myself to kissing her hand, then her foot.
She rose my head from the floor with a slender finger,
and I saw every angle of that alabaster figure,
smooth and as elegant as a lingerie model.
Pressing my lips to her calf, I brushed them up and down her legs,
giving brief, tiny kisses until I reached the curves of her inner thighs,
sending her backwards against her bed.
Her lips tasted as strong and as bitter as blood,
hard and cruel against my the chastity of my own.
Ebony waves, clenched tightly in my own trembling, loving hands;
my own mouth a perfect ‘o’-shape, shifting between smile and pained grimace.
I screamed and writhed as those pearl white fangs sunk into my lily neck,
hidden pleasure in this silken, lilac night.
Back arching, legs curling around the voluptuousness of her hips,
I pressed closer and closer as her body curved prostrate on mine,
those dusty rose lips sucking and drawing the life out of me, sending me to dizzying heights
I never thought I would reach;
Ecstasy of ten thousand immortal nights she showed me in those fleeting seconds,
and I wanted more.
Our hair tumbled and tangled down our flush bodies in oceans of flaxen and midnight,
her lustrous skin like silk above my paling complexion.
And when she eventually prised herself off of my irresistible elixir,
rose red fluid trickled down her chin and onto her breast.
Twin holes pricked my throat like the bite of a serpent,
but I wore them proudly like medals,
only disguising them for the public eye.
They didn’t want to know about us,
our secret comradeship,
how she took me as her lover in the night,
and only in the night.
“Make me like you,” I would beg previously,
but only in mere vain.
Now she listened to my pleas,
realised that we will be Children of Darkness together forever,
until the end of the world.

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