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Friday, 26 September 2014

Juniper Hills

Am I the one to end up in Juniper Hills?
this is so ironic, darling.

He’ll bundle you into his arms.
The icy embrace of a sick, sick child.
Complacently he smiles. It
seems this smile is permanently
stuck on his pallid little face.

Don’t be fooled by his
perverse charm
and slow wits.
This boy is a killer.
I should know,
for I hear his voice from
the ghastly ghost moon.
Husky, soft,
just as I remember it on
that day.

The jagged-toothed clown
took him away
at sunset.
Footprints dragging in the dirt,
one missing trainer,
smeared scarlet,
oozing, oozing.
Eaten alive in the sewers,
torn into by that phantom clown,
delicious like candy on Halloween.
Curiosity, anger, regret.

Why did you push me away?
It’s your fault
I died;
and I shall blame you forever,
my darling.

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