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Thursday, 18 September 2014

The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice

 I think it's very obvious by now that Anne Rice is definitely one of my favourite writers. I just love the way she combines her Vampire Chronicles with lots of world history, such as the Georgian/Rococo period and the Ancient Egyptians, and erotica between characters, that sometimes verges on a homosexual theme. The historical parts even inspired me to do my own research into the Ancient Egyptians, as I used to do a lot when I was younger. Honestly, I think she is the best vampire writer out there, even trumping Bram Stoker and Le Fanu themselves.

As for Lestat, I just adore him and all his devilishness! Just as Marius said, "You are the darnedest creature!" In the Vampire Lestat I find it entertaining and thrilling that he is a famous rock star in the 80s! His band sounds very gothic and sometimes metal-y to me, which is so sweet and fitting for somebody like him, a vampire who seemingly goes out of his way to defy absolutely everyone.

The second novel of the Vampire Chronicles follows Lestat from his boyhood in the 18th Century to his immortality in the late 20th Century, which is absolutely refreshing in my opinion. Throughout, he gets into a lot of trouble with both mortals and immortals, as like I said before, he never follows the rules.

There are a lot of new characters in The Vampire Lestat, including; Nicolas, Gabrielle, Magnus, Marius, Akasha, Enkil and Armand (actually I think he was already in the series, but here he is shown in more light).
This is actually how I imagined him to look.
My favourite character early on was Nicki, as his mortal friendship with Lestat was very intense and promising, but it all fell to pieces when Lestat became immortal and must keep secrets, through no fault of his own, I must add. After that I kind of disliked him despite knowing why he would rage over somebody that he was close to going missing for ten years, and then coming back again although nothing had happened. It made me sad that they fell out so awfully, and then that Nicki was killed by Armand, as they just seemed so good together!

Also, I loved Gabrielle. She was Lestat's mother who was about to die of consumption, but as she was the only person (besides the aforementioned Nicolas) that the human Lestat loved, he made her into a vampire as she was passing away. There was something about this character that I really admired, the way that she was free when she became immortal and wanted to try everything all over again, after a lifetime of being trapped in a drafty castle in the French mountains. Again, it was terribly depressing when she left Lestat.

Throughout I was feeling very depressed for Lestat, as everybody he loved either left him or died, but in the end he meets up again with Louis and Gabrielle before his first live concert, which I was really really hoping would happen, as it seemed that these two were the people that he loved the most! *also, I think I may be shipping Louis and Lestat together*

Aaand finally, I couldn't resist these anti-Twilight images, they just made me laugh so much!

For some reason, this is how I imagined Louis to look...

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