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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Interview with the Vampire film review

Finally, I've gotten round to watching this film! I've been dying to watch it for ages, but only watched it yesterday as my dad bought it as a surprise, which I'm really grateful for.

First of all, my initial thoughts:
  • It's nowhere near as excellent as the book, but still absolutely marvelous! 
  • I love the characters of Lestat and Claudia, like in the book, but I found Louis a little disappointing for some reason...
  • They've changed parts - a lot of parts, actually - like Louis' past, making out that his wife and child died rather than his brother (I can't even remember if Louis was a widower in the book), the way that Louis became a vampire, i.e. I can't remember him hanging around brothels, where Lestat found him in the film, and even the ending part! 
Despite those thoughts, I still really enjoyed it. As for the rest of the movie, I think it follows the story line quite adequately. Lestat was charming as always, and Louis was very angst-ridden, just like the book.

I was very impressed by the performance of Kirsten Dunst, who portrayed Claudia amazingly! The rage she expressed towards Lestat was so powerful that I actually felt a little bit scared of her for a moment, and the way she screamed when she cut off her hair only to have it grow back moments later was terrifying! All that rage in such a little body! Also, the manner in which she acted out being dissatisfied with the way she will never grow up was very moving... Basically, I loved her, and her costumes were to die for, especially those gorgeous bonnets in jewel colours (I particularly drooled over her emerald green frock and bonnet)!  

One happy family! (or maybe not)

Her auburn curls are stunning!

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