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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Weekly Horse-riding

As I really enjoyed the horse-riding we did on holiday, and also because I really need to do some exercise *laughs*, my parents allowed my sister and I to join a local horse-riding group in Halsall, called Halsall Riding and Livery Centre. It's so much fun, and we go every Friday after school! The horses and instructors are so nice and down-to-earth, as there's a rumor that horse-y people are very stuck-up and snobby, but this is not the case at all!

We're learning the basics in private sessions before we join the rest of the members, and so far it's going excellently! My horse is called Pride, and my instructor is called June. Abi has Roxy and Karl, the instructor. 

The other week we were let off the reign to control the horses ourselves (which is a lot harder than I initially thought, as horses have a strong mind and willpower of their own!) and we began to go into a really fast trot. At one point Pride started going so fast - following Roxy - that I thought I was going to slip off. I wasn't scared though, it was more fun than scary, so I just laughed really loudly until I could get him under control. As well as trying to get the horse to do what we want, we also have to do a lot of trotting, which isn't very kind on the back and legs, but that's good exercise, I suppose. It's very hard to stand up and down on the stirrups when Pride is going so fast, but I enjoy it all!

Abi, Roxy and Karl.

Pride and I.

Pride is very tall, isn't he?

Abi and Roxy.

Pride looking extremely elegant.

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