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Friday, 26 September 2014

Silent Siamese Twin

Blood flowers, blooms beyond reach
into pure white.
Sinking deeper, deeper
into sin.
Why does it stare? Hasn’t it anything
to say for itself?

Slowly I smile. Eyes open
and you’re staring dreamily
into my dark void.
Lights will extinguish
just as droplets form inside
the crystal snow.
Why does it stare? Hasn’t it anything
to say for itself?

Now you know my exact feelings,
You, it; the bloodsucker leeching off of me:
I was the only thing keeping you alive and well,
Lumbering around, tied to one another was
never much fun.
Don’t you agree?

Grasping my new found freedom,
I take off into the scarlet night.
Close my eyes.
Feel the gaping hole on my left side,
the oppressive chill.
The vortex of our shared conscience is
Bleeding, hopeless;
What am I now?

was what I desired.
Now I’m
Our sacred bond should never have been severed;
Surgical knife, hacking — your suffering,
my intense agony mingled with ecstasy.
I wanted, desired
Fruit from the forbidden tree.
High out of reach.
Out of sight,
yet at the same time,
all I could dream of.
Why did it stare, that adjoining reflection of

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