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Friday, 12 December 2014

Éventail - Aurora

You might remember my vampire character from another poem I wrote, Aurora's Bed? Well, I decided to write another poem about her, as I found inspiration for an "éventail" poem on Candy Violet's blog! I'm a big fan of her clothes and several blogs, so I was quite excited when I came across the idea of a different type of poem on her blog! She writes: "One activity was to create small poems where the first letter of each line spelled out "Eventail" the French word for fan", so how could I resist the temptation to write another poem?

       Élegance, poise, pride and posture; a
Virtuous angel, as every mademoiselle should be, but nevertheless, a vixen in disguise...
Enchanted by the maiden’s curse, the prince bowed low to kiss her delicate paw.
Never would he have comprehended the Bedlam from within…
The glossy fangs that sparkled in the candlelight of her boudoir,
And the blood-lust circling her hollow ribcage like ravenous piranhas...
In a frenzy of beastly hunger, she devoured his tender throat with such sensuous delight;
Love’s deadly spell.

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