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Saturday, 27 December 2014

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas; I hope everyone has had a good time! My day was okay, but seeing as I had a chest infection, I felt ill for most of it, and couldn't help counting down the minutes until I could go to bed and get some rest, that is, without appearing antisocial or rude at all. This is because my whole family came round, including my Aunt from Australia, so I did have to make an effort this time.

I hope that it doesn't seem too spoiled brat-ish of me to share the things my family bought me, but I'm just really happy. Besides, the best part of Christmas is the presents!

 Harry Hill, Allo Allo! and Miranda's Live Show (which I actually saw in Liverpool with my dad! God, she's hilarious!)

 The Busy Girl's Guide to Photography, Pom Pom Puppies (I'm in love), How to Draw Vintage Fashion, Let's Lolita Sewing Book 2, Blogging for Creatives, and a historical fashion colouring book.

More books!
 I am Malala, the Monsieur Pamplemousse series, a Black Butler Art Book, and Off the Leash comics.

 A cute tin with body washes in, an alarm clock from my sister, and two Kirsty Allsopp craft kits (gosh, I love Kirsty)!

 Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, an Accessorize phone case, and Turkish delight. Anybody who knows me well knows that I'm mad about Turkish delight!

Things to wear!
 Accessorize Clock-face purse, pearl drop earrings (specially chosen for the future prom), strawberry earrings and lollipop broach from Nami, black lace gloves from John Lewis, a silver bangle from Pandora, and two stack-able rings, also from Pandora! The latter two are gifts are from my aunt, as she usually spoils us when she comes back home after an absence of two/three years...

 Lots of lace and a gorgeous box to keep them in! I actually think I have a lace addiction...

Isul Lir

I love him/her, but I don't have a story, name or even gender for it yet! I really need to have a think, as usually I come up with things after purchase; recently I've had no time due to mock exams.

Angelic Pretty Handbag!
I chose this for myself at Hyper Japan. I'm excited, because this is my first brand bag!

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