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Monday, 22 December 2014

Two For Tea!

Today my friend Wendy came round and we had a Lolita themed tea party! I've always wanted a tea party, so this was like a dream come true (I must have been a very lonely, depraved child)!

So in preparation, the other day I purchased some pretty china to drink from, as my town has a lovely store called The China Shop; which, obviously, is filled to the brim with delicate things, so I had to tiptoe about the place and pray that I wouldn't trip up.
The ones I purchased were from the Red Rose Collector's series by Aynsley. The two cups are slightly different, but they were so pretty in magenta and gold that I couldn't resist them! Also, the saucers I got matched - they have apples and winter berries in the centres - but are from a completely different brand, called Duchess.
I also borrowed some items from my Nana's collection to have a whole set, and they are the Lavender Rose series from Royal Albert, dating from around the 1960s, I think. They all looked really pretty together, and it inspired me to get out my rose tea that I purchased in France.

As I have a gluten intolerance, poor Wendy had to suffer the strange chocolate chip cookies I made, which actually look more like boulders than biscuits! Thankfully, my dad also bought some yummy chocolate fondant cupcakes, so she wasn't too victimised.

For fun - but also because Wendy is also interested in Lolita fashion - I put together an outfit and we both dressed up! Wendy makes an adorable Lolita girl, and actually suits my clothes better than I do!

She is wearing; my BtSSB Lovely Sweet Room JSK, BtSSB white head bow, Bodyline blouse, an off brand pink parasol, and Hush Puppy Victorian boots.

And I wore a Wonder Cookie JSK (from Dream of Lolita), a BtSSB blouse, a handmade bonnet, petticoat, the drawers I made, BtSSB socks and black mary janes. Oh, and I've also had my hair cut to slightly above my jawline; I wasn't sure if it would go with Lolita, but having such long hair was a pain, so I gave in and cut it anyway.
At first I was wearing her head bow, but she wanted to see what I looked like in the bonnet, so I wore that for the rest of the day.

We drank the rose tea, watched Frozen and Interview with the Vampire (a strange mix, I must admit!) and took silly photographs. I really enjoyed my first Lolita tea party!

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