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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Isul Lir

This Christmas I was very lucky to receive Isul Lir from my parents. Isul Lir is the doll in the same collection as Beverly, my Pullip Merl, as both have a very nautical feel to their outfits.

Isul Lir has big, dewy brown eyes, incredibly long brown eyelashes, and sweet, peach-pink lips. The doll's hair is short, slightly spiky in places, and styled in a dirty blonde bob around its face. Although its hair is not as soft as my other dolls', it makes up for it by being very different, adding to its personality. Lir has a lovely skin shade, that is quite a healthy colour, reminding me of vintage illustrations of children used during the 50s, perfect for a seafarer!
Lir's outfit is just the cutest, reminding me of the clothes that little boys used to wear in the Victorian age. It comes with a sash, bloomers, striped socks and boots with tiny laces; I even think that the sailor cap is embroidered (embroidery being one of my favourite embellishments on garments)! 

Although Isuls are generally manufactured to be males, I have decided that this time the Isul doll will be female. At first I wanted to call it Oscar, but as soon as I saw it, I thought that a female character would be more fitting. Besides, she has the same hairstyle as me!

So, her name is Audrey, in my mind, and she is an assistant to Beverly on the ship they live in. I have yet to come up with specifics, but when I do they'll be posted to my doll page.

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