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Thursday, 4 December 2014

Poems: A Theme of Sex and Vampires

Wendy and I were in a ridiculously boring Biology revision session, but seeing as they gave us iPads, we decided to do something more productive than pretending to revise dull things we already know... So we wrote some slightly erotic poems, first of all as a joke about the strange conversations we have, and then quite seriously. We had a lot of fun writing these, but they are rather NSFW, so I'm posting them under the cut.

The Pink Dungeon

Welcome to the pink dungeon of fun,
make it last and enjoy the time,
savour it
with rose, peony and magenta torture;
you will
lose your mind.
we’re both satisfied.

Welcome to the pink dungeon of happiness,
where you will never be alone, 
where you will never be free.
Not until
we’re both satisfied.

Welcome to the pink dungeon of pleasure, 
where you see the brightness above your head,
and nothing else besides the bed.
We shall be so satisfied,
just us two;
together in this fall from innocence.

Welcome to the pink dungeon of chains,
frilly ribbons, laces and bows. 
With guises of angels, nobody need know
our devil’s carnal sin.
Satisfaction is something you and I share.

Ask your lawyer what to do.
They’ll not be seeing much of you.
Not until I’m satisfied.

The beautiful shadow upon your eyes, 
the delicate dusk of blood-red rose in your cheeks,

The rapturous dungeon you created for me,
sends me softly through a vestige of fragmented love;
which was the shooting star we saw before,
gone with the fleeting glimmer of wishes long forgotten…

In my dreams, I only think of you, my love, 
the loneliness after that night,
the empty feeling beside me
as you were gone before dawn break.

Seeing the scarlet trickle down your cheek,
makes me feel loved, weak;
and the pleasure down the secret base,
is the only matter on my mind.
Will you wait for me? Will you be there? 

The vampire will dance with me,
play with my mind, tug on my heartstrings...
Swirling round and round, 
until that final, deadly kiss.
I am her pet,
leash, collar and bone. 
A flowing fountain of gushing, gorging red.
Love me, therefore you will be rewarded.

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