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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Marie Antoinette

Due to my obsession with Candy Violet/Vivcore's blogs and online apparel store, the Rococo Lady dress I've had my eye on since the age of eleven, plus the idea of a Quaintrelle Life... I have finally decided to review Marie Antoinette! It is one of my favourite films, so I'm rather excited.

Marie Antoinette shows us the frivolous, almost insane life of the infamous French queen, as she dances through love, life, and extremely first world problems. At the age of fourteen she was forged to marry the dauphin of France and leave everything from Austria, her home country, behind. The day after she first met the dauphin, they were wed in an intricately detailed, frilly celebration. From then onwards, her problems were based around trying to stay in everybody's good-books and consummate her marriage with Louis, which only happened 7 years after their vows.
Throughout, we see that she isn't exactly happy in her rich life, and feels pressurised and isolated all of the time... Antoinette may be sorrowful for a little while, but usually she perks up after a lavish spending spree of candy-coloured shoes, fans, jewels, wigs, and dresses, as well as another crazy party! The French public soon become unhappy with the amount of money she is spending on herself, rather than for the good of the country, which leads to her obvious downfall...

The viewer can honestly sympathise for Marie Antoinette (especially if they're a rather royal Lolita!), and who wouldn't want to be right on the set of that film! I just love all of the scenes, especially Antoinette's little country retreat and the bedrooms of Versailles; and those costumes have a fantastic attention to detail! There wasn't one outfit that I wouldn't have killed for, just to look in detail and touch! In fact, it has given me a lot of inspiration, especially the delicate little slippers they wear.

Some of the members of Versailles were very snobby, especially at the get-togethers, and Marie's little inner crowd. So I honestly did feel sorry for her in places, although in a lot of cases she did deserve exactly what she got by abandoning France for her parties...

The only thing that I was a little disappointed with was the ending, as I found it rather vague. Anybody who wasn't familiar with the trial and execution of Marie Antoinette would have been a little confused, and to be honest, I did want to see the flash of the guillotine and a bit of blood. However, the lead up to her desertion of Versailles was really tense, especially with the noises of the angry cries and pounding on the doors outside!

This is stating the obvious, but Kirsten Dunst was absolutely brilliant! I adored her in Interview with the Vampire, and I loved her in this too! She is an all-round perfect actress, especially in these kinds of period films; honestly, I could just see her strutting through all romantic eras and she would suit every single one to a T!

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