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Monday, 18 March 2013

Black Butler Chapter 79

Some random thoughts on the recent chapter... Note form is so much easier lol ;D
- Hmmm I'm a little disappointed that we didn't get to see what creature Sebastian was chasing. Here's a theory but you're probably not gonna like it; the thing/person that Sebby is chasing is Claude. Another demon. I saw this picture and thought that. I actually don't mind Alois, in fact I love him! XD I named one of my characters after him as well.

- The poster thing at the end reminds me of Harry Potter.

- Yana Toboso is really good at drawing realistic-looking things like owls and lions! I'm so jealous...

- When will this cricket end...? It's confusing.

- It made me laugh when Bard said about Ciel, 'His horrible personality is showing...' XD

- Bluer is really bad ass now! I really like his character. :) He reminds me of a mix of William T Spears and Ciel.

- Ciel with his hair over his eyes is creepy. I wonder if he's a psychopath or something...? I think I saw a post like that on Black Butler forums. For the record I agree.

- Is it just me or is the way Bluer strokes Ciel's hair kinda weird? XD He did that in a previous chapter as well. Also Ciel doesn't like being touched so he must be kinda distressed.

- Hopefully we'll find out who or what the principal is now that this cricket is over hopefully!

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