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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Chobits by CLAMP

Just some of my thoughts on the Chobits series... Not really a review or book report.

- Firstly, I love the omnibus version. The colour pages and additional illustrations are really nice to include, and the size of the book looks impressive on my book shelf too! XD

  - Chi is soooo cute! I love the way she could only say 'Chi' at first, but then progressed really quickly to full sentences.

- Hideki is a pervert. Need I say more? lol

- I REALLY want a persocom! It would be so amazing to have one!

- Chi's outfits are adorable (but slightly... umm inappropriate? Think lolita-esqe dress that reveals her panties lol). I like the way the landlady keeps giving her hand-me-downs.

- I feel bad for Yumi-chan who is always surrounded by persocoms, even though they make her really depressed.

- The additional illustrations are amazing. Does CLAMP use watercolors, acrylics, markers or what?

- The landlady's really mysterious in my opinion... I've watched the whole anime series (and I really need to catch up with the manga), and didn't she build Chi and Freya? I can't remember. And the manga that Chi reads... Didn't she write that too?

- When Minoru Kokubunji reveals that he build one of his persocoms to replace his dead sister I almost cried. :(

- Shinbo's tiny persocom, Sumomo, is adorable!

I really need to buy the second omnibus! XD

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