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Monday, 4 March 2013

Spring's Here And I'm Still Failing!

But I'm still drawing wintery-styled pictures. It's annoying. I always write down what I want to draw, but it seems to morph into something different every time.
I think it's my laziness - and also the fact that I always rush to finish what I'm drawing!
 Ok! So my goal for the rest of the year is to think about quality, not quantity! :D
I think this goes well with my starry BG!
This picture was meant to be a coloured sketch, but for some reason it turned into a fully coloured picture. I love doing sketches but I get really OCD about the line work! So it turned out actually quite neat. It was meant to be a pic of Aika in her Innocent World dress, but I felt like doing a shiro lolita instead. Oh yeah, and the 'sweet rain' part was inspired by this song by Y&CO. :)

It was my sister's birthday on the 2nd (she's 10!), and I had a really nice time, but I ended up in hospital again as I had something like a fit/seizure. Another example of me failing! Damn my stupid brain!

Also! I'm starting to draw my fancomic, Funhouse, again! (It's a fancomic/doujin of Stephen King's IT with the pairing Henry x Patrick. My favourite book.) I wanted to have a week off drawing in black and white - it get's dull after a while - but it turned into a two month break. Whhhyyyy? Why do I lose track of time in such a bad way???
Random pages

 Check out the rubbishness! XD You can read it at my website or at my Deviant Art account if you want to scar your eyeballs. :)

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